Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get your pets ready for Halloween with Petsmart!

It's the time to start thinking about your pet's Halloween Costume!! Petsmart has a fantastic selection of costumes for your pet!

Chica is ready for Halloween and has two costumes she can wear!  I love the Top Paw LED Light Up Costume!!  Not only does it have a spider made out of flashing color changing lights, it also glows in the dark! Check out the video below to see the flashing lights:

She looks so cute in it!

I love all the little tutu ruffles on it! She also has a costume that says "I'm so cute it's scary!" Here's a picture of her in that one:
But, just so you know...this child dog, is not a bit spoiled rotten.
I kind of took over her trick or treat bag, I just couldn't resist!!

Here are both of her Petsmart Costumes, and her bag when they arrived:
I love pet costumes from Petsmart! They have a great selection including glow in the dark, and the ultra cute riders like these:

Photo courtesy of Petsmart

This one is the Top Paw Cowboy Rider
or how about the Headless Horseman?
Photo courtesy of Petsmart

This is the Top Paw Headless Horseman Rider Costume
If you'd like to check out the wide array of costumes for your pet, available at Petsmart, check them out here

I love Petsmart and could spend hours in there just browsing the aisles! I've always found that any clothing I buy there for my pets lasts a good, long time and that includes the costumes! 

Petsmart also has a great article on how to keep your pets safe this Halloween! You can read these great tips here. If you plan on taking your pet trick or treating, then here is an article that is a must read

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