Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chatting with Marlo Thomas

One of my favorite shows as a child was "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas.  I loved that show! Now I'm excited to be able to sit down and talk to Ms. Thomas on May 8 at 2 pm ET, about her new book, "It Ain't Over..."!!

I can't wait to talk with her and read this book! It's aimed at women over 40, and tells us that, even at this age, we can STILL pursue our dreams! Always wanted to travel the world? DO IT! Have you wanted to go back to college and get that PhD? Why NOT do it??

I'll be telling you more and reviewing the book so stay tuned!

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  1. What a great book. I just graduated college last year at the age of 43. Don't ever stop believing you can achieve your dreams.

  2. I love Marlo Thomas. I am watching a show right now that she narrates. I too loved That Girl and was just telling my 24 year old son about the show. I would love to show him reruns. I will definitely attend a Twitter party for her new book.


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